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Amazon finds for BRIDES

Hello BRIDES! This post is just for you!

I have curated my top MUST HAVES for brides and grooms on their wedding day to make their photos even more special!

1. Details

This is one of the most forgotten things on your wedding. To make it easy, grab a box and add items to it from the list below as you are wedding planning. Once you have the box created, give it to someone you trust (they'll be in charge of giving it to us before the getting-ready photos).

  • Invitation and Save the Date

  • Rings, necklace, earrings, watch, and any other jewelry

  • Shoes

  • Fabric or color accents that match your aesthetic

  • Florals

  • Ring box

  • Perfume/ Cologne

  • Family heirlooms

2. Body Glide

This one may sound odd, but if you have straps on your dress Body Glide is definitely a must have. Rub some on your shoulders where your straps touch to prevent it rubbing and causing your skin to turn red during your photos. You will be wearing this dress all day so you want to be as comfy as possible (and still looking flawless while doing so!).

3. Neon Name Sign

Add a personal touch to your big day with a custom neon name sign. The one linked in my Amazon list has multiple brightness settings and the option to be plugged in or battery operated. Bonus: it can be adding to your home décor after the wedding!

4. Bouquet Photo Charms

Want to honor family members or friends that are watching from above? Add photo charms to your bouquet or suit so they can have a front row seat to your big day! This is another small task I recommend giving to someone (bridesmaid). When the florist arrives with the flowers, have them attach it to your bouquet or suit. This also makes for a super cute detailed photo with extra meaning that you'll cherish for years to come!

5. Torches Instead of Lighters

Doing a sparkler send off? Don't get lighters or matches. I recommend getting torches in case it decides to be breezy during your sparkler sendoff. They are easier to light, saves time, and burn more efficiently.

6. Dog Suit or Flower Crown

If your furry friend is going to be a part of your big day, let them dress up too! Get them a special leash, suit, or even a flower collar. We got this one for Ruger except we sewed on a color bow tie that matched.

(Photo is from our wedding by Taylor Alexis Photography)

7. Clear Umbrellas

Looking like rain for your wedding? Grab some clear umbrellas for your wedding party. These can create some fun and unique shots outside with your bridal party without fear of wet wardrobes.

Visit my FULL Amazon list for all links to the products and more using the link below

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