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Top 5 Styling Tips for Your Session

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

After you book your shoot, the next thing on the to do list is deciding on outfits. In the next few minutes I will tell you all the DOs and definitely DON'Ts when it comes to your outfit selection.

1. Getting everyone on the same page

Coordinate with everyone in your shoot to decide on a color scheme. Picking a color scheme that goes together can make your photos 1,000x better. Try limiting your color choices to 2-3 but don't show up with everyone in one color either. For example: if everyone wears navy, then your large group photo will look like the ocean. Now, if you want to do navy with a few other shades of blue, that is a different story.

2. Picking a color scheme

When picking colors, choose ones that match your general style and color palette. Think about what you are going to do with your prints... you typically frame them. If the style in your house is tans and greens, then pinks and reds won't look very aesthetically pleasing. As a general rule of thumb, neutrals tend to photograph best.

3. Patterns and solids

Mix and match them! However if you add a pattern, don't have more than one person in each pattern. This causes the "too much to look at" situation. For example, if you choose to have flannels select a few that compliment each other rather than everyone wearing the exact same one. Just make sure to add in some solid colors that are in the flannels to help break up all the pattern. You can also play around with textures (wool, sweaters, corduroy, thermals, etc.).

4. Time of year and location

Take into consideration the location and the time of year. You want to compliment your location but also stand out. Don't wear green when your session is in the summer and in the forest. For the season, think of what colors are typically associated with that time of year. If you aren't sure what colors are "seasonal," check out what's being sold currently in stores. Here are my seasonal color recommendations:

Spring: Blush, light blue, grey, cream, and soft green

Summer: Navy, white, grey, pink, and sage

Fall: Maroon, olive green, terracotta, mustard yellow, navy, grey, and cream

Winter: Navy, black, red, deep green, brown, and white

5. Be true to you

If you are looking to save some money, there is no need to go out and buy a new outfit. Check your closet first to see what you have and can possibly wear. If you do buy a new outfit, wear it before your shoot to see how comfortable it is and that it matches your aesthetic. First step in loving your photos, is loving yourself... and the way you look ;)

For more inspo, check out the Pinterest board I have created just for my clients:

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Great tips!!

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